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a ninja panda has the power to make you blow up on sight, even the strongest of opponents cannot resist, captain falcon,a slushie machine,chuck norris and shoop the whoop are all powerless all with one bamboo sword.
the bamboo sword is made from bamboo and
galaxy juice.
a discarded ninja panda tooth can summen mothra and godzilla.
a ninja pandas diet is
-apple juice
-kitty intestines
-albatross blood
and nuclear bombs.
the ninja panda is found in only one spot and that is in the center of the universe but when found the ninja panda will destroy the universe then ride a trogdore to a new universe.
that is the ninja panda.

guy-OH MY GOD A NINJA PANDA! RUN FOR YOUR LI-*universe explodes*
by bryn knight August 22, 2008
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