A legendary sports car made by Porsche. See 911.
Teh terrorist attacks are referred to as September eleventh, not nine-eleven.
by sasabune February 28, 2006
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stealing somthing from another person with intent to cause damage to them. or high jacking somthing that doesnt belong to you. like the taleban took planes that where not theres to do bad things with it.
hey dude someone is nine-elevening your stuff.
by bkwiatv1 March 06, 2008
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Like a Bakers Dozen for eleven things instead of thirteen.
Adding one more to a 12 makes it a bakers dozen. Adding one more to 10 makes it a Giuliani 9/11.
Well, we thought Lady was just going to have 10 puppies but there was one more to make it a Giuliani Nine-Eleven.
by jess v November 07, 2007
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The sexual act, wich takes place when two girls get on their knees beside each other. Then two men proceed to strike them down with their erect shafts
You bro we should totally Nine-eleven those girls over their
by Mike cockenr January 05, 2018
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a Minecraft world with a McDonald's store that got fbi'ed the shit out of
nine eleven-FBI open up McDonald's your getting raided
by ethan garner October 20, 2019
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