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Somebody obsessed with shoes. Most commonly nike brand shoes. Also a name to describe a male with a shoe obsession/fetish.
That crazy mother fucker has so many pairs of shoes! he's one big ass nikehead!
by Fraser jones July 12, 2005
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A person who is very much dedicated to wearing Nike sneakers. Mainly Air Jordans, Dunks, Air Force 1's and Air Max (among others).

He or She is usually educated on the different years of production, nick names and going rates for exclusives and vintage pairs.

Some clothing brands have built their company around such "collectors" like CAPITAL or "CPTL" as some call it, hailing from the same city as Nike itself, Portland, OR.

A Nike head may have 10's or even 100's of unworn pairs of Nike sneakers in his/her possesion - putting them "on ice" for investment purposes or waiting for the right time to wear them.
by Byron Wescott June 11, 2008
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Song by Rap Artist C.KhiD dedicated to the popularizing global sneaker culture. Describes the outwatrdly different group via a lyrical description of the lifestyle the typical Nike Head lives. Metaphorical description of an optimistic sneaker wearer.
"Nike Head Had over 85,000 plays on Music Artist Community"
by C.KhiD July 03, 2009
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