Inserting your finger in someone's anus, then wiping it under their nose in a swooping fashion - for full satisfaction.
He told me he had a surprise for me, and reached behind my back and gave me a Nike Swoosh.
by Tim Acker June 12, 2006
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During an FFM threesome. The Stud, whilst having intercouse with lady 1, turns his body 45° in order to lick out the pussy of lady 2, also at 45° to lady 1. Thereby recreating the famous "swoosh". After all is over the three participants can all lie perpendicular to the bed head and recreate the Adidas "Stripes" if so desired.

First used circa 1920.
"I'm going to do The Nike Swoosh on these bitches and then stripe a rest" laughed Adolf.
"Your such a big black pussy cat!" retorted Rudolf Dassler.
by Sir Jeremy September 18, 2018
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