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A nap that takes place at or after dusk and goes on into the evening/night hours, but is not a full sleep. After waking the napper often is left feeling even more tired and groggy than before the nap.
"Ah man I am so groggy, I took a night nap and woke up at 9pm and now I feel so shitty and lazy I never even wanna move ever again."
by igotnewshoes December 28, 2009
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A frustrating night in which one gets only a couple hours of sleep due to work, stress or partying (as opposed to a full night's rest).
BILLY: Susie, you look like sh*t today!
SUSIE: Thanks, Billy.
BILLY: Seriously, what's wrong?
SUSIE: I don't know! I went to bed at eleven and didn't fall asleep until three! Got only four hours of sleep!
BILLY: Sounds like a night nap.
SUSIE: Yes, it was a night nap!
by HelenHar March 10, 2008
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