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common ignorance found in african american people at large gatherings i.e cookouts,clubs etc. that usually makes them fight when coming in unavoidable contact with each other which .
Errean: Yo why did that nigga just get A Town Stomped?
Kennedy: Man, that dude stepped on his shoes while dancing so the other dude let his inner niggorance come out and beat his ass.
by Kennedy a.k.a Presidential December 07, 2007
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racial ignorance

not limited or implying racial bias to any particular race but someone who feels that they are better than everyone else based upon there skin color, or their cultural background.

a hater
Niggorance is bliss

Hey he just called me a cracker. he is showing straight up niggorance.

You are worse than stupid. You are niggorant.

I hate blacks. Man you are niggorant
by dr8ke August 04, 2013
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