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Made up of 2 words: nigger and shakeesha(a common black name). A generally annoying black female who is always loud and always talking. To the normal person, this speech is almost incomprehensible, however being around it does cause one to understand it. A nigleesha is always quick to snap her fingers, yell, tell a nigleesha friend to hold her ridiculously over sized earrings, and get into a fight, even if offended in the slightest manner. Nigleeshas are always very stupid, and have no desire to learn anything.On sundays she gets dressed up, wears big hats and eats out after church. She orders a shit load of food but tips the waitress/Waiter sparingly. She lives in a house in the ghetto Not always, but most of the time a nigleesha will be obese. Nevertheless, there will always be a few black males that will find her attractive. Often this will result in a teen pregnancy. A nigleesha can be commonly found near vending machines.Nigleeshas are not to be confused with African-American women, who are respectable members of society
**Shanequah brown walked her fat ass down to KFC. There she ordered the largest possible combination.**

Shanequah: (to her friend) my doctors say dat im at risk for a hart attack but i be thinkin he drawlin. But he be right that i need to lose some weight
Man: How is ordering so much food helping your problem?

Shanequah: WAT YOU SAY FOOL? OH NO YOU DIDNT! *snaps fingers in a Z formation* GIRL HOLD MY HOOPS *gives friend her earrings* IM A FUCK YOU UP COME HERE AHHHHHHHH*starts slapping the man, who runs out of KFC*

Man: I hate Niggleeshas!
by pewpewpewtanks September 05, 2011
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