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The complex game for white people to play where you act like a black person. The object of the game is to steal as much of the other players' items while not getting caught. If you are caught, you immediately go to jail. The only ways to redeem yourself are to become a rapper or an athlete, though this has risks: Drug and alcohol addiction, dog fighting, and gun possession. If you pick a card with one of these 3 options, you gain extra money because of the amount of people feeling sorry for you.Unfortunately, the KKK hears about this and proceeds to stalk you. Every other turn, you roll a die and if you land on an odd number, they find you and lynch you in a mob. While running from the Klan, you take trips through the projects (going around the board). Instead of hitting "Go" and collecting $100, you instead wait in the welfare line for an undetermined amount of turns. This game is almost impossible to win, making it impossible to succeed as a black person.
Black folk play niggeropoly and they lose every time because there is no way for them to win.
by herroherrowearedachinesepeepow October 25, 2010
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The game of monopoly for niggers. I.E. no money is used, rules arent followed
In Niggeropoly, no one follows the correct house rules, and money is not used in the game
by Barack Obamanations June 24, 2010
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