the black version of basketball....often includes no passing or outside shooting, just dunking and excess niggin....see the AND 1 tour
white: hey nigger u wanna play some basketball?
black: hell no honkey, im playin niggerball at the Y later
by the filthiest niggger April 22, 2005
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a racist word (usually used by white people)
used to describe basketball.
white guy: were playing niggerball in gym

black guy: fuck you
by jacob man February 15, 2009
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When a white person is very successful, they are balling
When a black person is very successful, they are niggerballing
Kanye West: Look at how amazingly talented and rich I am
Fan: Yeah, bro, you're totally niggerballing right now!
by Niggerballer January 07, 2016
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A type of confectionary which is black in colour and round. Some people like to suck on them, others prefer to lick them. They originate from Africa. Nowdays, due to the phobia of using the word "nigger", they're often known as blackballs.
And yes, this is true. There seriously is a confectionary called "niggerballs". Look it up.
by Lee Ji Hoon November 02, 2007
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A South African candy. It's a small black ball you suck on.
John and Marry went to the store purchase some taffies and niggerballs with their allowance.
by Koobitz May 30, 2021
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