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Nicolae, a.k.a "Nicu" is the coolest person you could ever meet. He is caring, charming, helpful, joyful, funny, sexy and most of all smart. You can be sure that he will help you any time you are in trouble. He will give you solutions to almost every issue you encounter.

If you want an advise, he is the one to go to. If you feel blue, he is the one to cheer you up.

Never underestimate his power of reading people and make sure you never lie to him if you want your friendship to last for ever.

He never looks for trouble but if an exception is present, he will solve the issue as if it never happened.
by tkkarchdevil April 05, 2017
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Nicolae is a very common name in East Europe especially Romania and Russia.

Nicolae is a very smart hilarious and sexy man, he attracts so many girls but sometimes he doesn't know because they keep it secret, everytime he is in a relationship over 20 hearts are broken and he can tell it, tends to be a player in his Teens.

A tip for the girls, if you like nicolae, tell him, it your best shot at going out with him.
Girls1: danm nicolae is in a relationship, I wish I was that lucky girl
Girl2: yeah me too

Girl1:nic you always make me laugh but what most important, I kind of like you
Nicolae: well your good looking so wanna go out?
by Hazardzone June 24, 2017
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A real big idiot who always wears red flannel shirts
He's definitely a Nicolaes
by Nicolaes October 15, 2017
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