Defines the truth and talks about the man named Raphael who has very handsome face.
Some boys get jealous because of his looks.He's perfect.
by Raidlox June 10, 2021
His a great organization that promote traditional (Ibile) culture and language most especially AWORI in the whole world.

The mostly great themselves Kiti gbe oo and the respond will be O gbe re
Ni ile Awori By Oga yanyan
by Ogboli Kolawole February 8, 2020
It means you are a good friend in chinese

You:"ni ma de"
You:"ni ma de"
by mickeyisgay July 5, 2022
When you're not good at English but you want to say no problem to someone u don't know lol.
Dude 1: I got a 1 for english.
Dude 2: How?
Dude 1: Because I wrote Ni pronksken but I had to write no problem lol.
by 1306sierestymnabruidk October 30, 2022
cute a bute the one that you compare to fruit a sweet and neet a girl that you would kiss her feet
i see that she may love somebody but we but if thats "me" / "who" / "whom"/ "him/her"
you will see that she is cute and weet to wavery body very uneek
whom is made for or she is made for a song written in seconds
wu ni yao
by monkey king September 10, 2013
I need a new Starbucks name. The dipshit barista pronounced my name Ni-Cho-Las
by Bstad April 21, 2022