School with the award for the most selfish kids and the most gay guys.
Person 1: Hey can u have some of your food?
Person 2: We're at new york university, of course not.
Person 1: well can you give me your friend's number?
Person 2: sorry, he's gay.
by queentaco July 18, 2014
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A band of heroic legendary police officers sworn to protect the universities and colleges of the New York's SUNY system.

Challenged by the quarells of protecting millions of staff, faculty, and students.

Dedicated to justice. Enforcing the law and protecting life liberty and property.

Also they have bad ass hats and uniforms.

They are trained by police academies recognized by the new york state department of criminal justice services.

They seek to one day have all the departments at different SUNY schools to become centralized; thus, so they will be more organized, run more efficiently, and better be able to protect and serve the people of NYS.

There are approximately 40 of them at stony brook university. about 3 to 6 usualy work per 8.25 hour tour. At stony brook they are responsible for the safety of over 40,000 people during the day. That includes faculty, staff, students, the University Hospital patients, and all other people who have business there.

God bless them. Every one of them.

Note: Sometimes refered to as NYSUP or UPD, or by the specific department like SUPD (StonyBrook University Police department).
Those New York State University Police cops are pretty fucking hot. I wonder if i can seduce one to have my babies. I wonder if he'll tie me and and let me ride him all night.

The New York State University Police saved my life when i got drunk and passed out in the snow over winter.

The New York State University Police caught the guy who assaulted me and stole my wallet.
by Awesome Pirate Warrior October 5, 2010
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