A place where the majority of NMHS grads who pursue higher education live at home with their parents and commute to WestConn.

A place where the newly restored downtown is a haven to scumbags who dropped out of school, have no job, wear nothing but black, and smoke who knows what. The Green is often referred to as "Crack Island". (WARNING! buying unknown drugs and o.d.ing=bad) Also, the movie "Deeds" with Adam Sandler was filmed some in the area.

The vehicle of choice driven by residents is a Jeep. Next in line would be a pick-up.

If going to see a movie, bowling, shopping at Wal-Mart, hangin' at the Maxx, or using the new skate park aren't activities the youth enjoy, they usually turn to things such as vandalizing a cemetery or other acts of violence on inanimate objects.

Music of choice would be rock on i95.1 (it SHOULD be 106.9WCCC). Country is ok in certain situations. Rap and pop should NEVER be played.

New Milford has some scenic, peaceful dirt roads (WARNING! young girl+older guys=bad).

New Milford's pastime is camping, often including a keg of beer and a nice bonfire. (WARNING! keg in bonfire=bad).

High Schoolers and college students often hold house parties that 95% of the time get broken up by cops. (WARNING! consuming a gallon of liquor by one person in one sitting=bad).

McDonald's is the hang out for people who drive botch-job import ricers. They are known as "McWiggers" for their wannabe black selves. (WARNING! cars with racing slicks=bad in snow. dumb asses).

Dunkin'Donuts is the hang out for bikers and 4 wheelers. They are known as bad asses.

Everyone tries to buy gas at the same time at the Sunoco on 202. (WARNING! black guy running from the cops=bad).

New Milford was named the 67th best town in America by Money Magazine. (WARNING! Just because you live in NM doesn't mean you're the best).
(Host of party in Danbury): "yo man, where you from?"

(New Milford resident): "New Milford"

(Host): "you guys get owned all the time. sucks to be you" ::starts non-stop flaming::
by Mr. Deeds October 23, 2006
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A town not too far from Farfield County. One place that you can find a farm every 20 acres of land. Most people live here because they lived in Farfield County and it just got too damn expensive.
I was in New Milford the other day. On my way home, I almost hit a cow.
by Mellisssaa October 17, 2005
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New Milford, NJ is a tiny Town with a million residents in Bergen County, NJ. We could have been a nice town like our neighbors but our genius fore fathers head the great fore sight to sell off 1/4 of our town's land to a low life slum lord. This place is called Brookchester Apartments. Also, we sold off three schools only to have to add on to the three schools we had left. Yet another genius move by previous administrations.
Flanked by even dumpier towns and also nicer towns on the other side of the Hackensack River.
I'm from New Milford, NJ.
Oh, wow thats far, like up by Rt. 23?
No, not WEST Milford, the other, shittier one.
by jursylegnd May 14, 2008
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