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In good measure of treasure the Good Word to spread; rigidity of philosophy without disregard going to head in basic assumption that rationalism shared cause fled in growing awareness of provision of daily bread; some contemplating purpose of existence with dread while hole in purse of universe is mended with thread, many coins from a purse it costs for a hearse is threat; man's experiences essentially not static cause to fret; there are diverse possibilities in Christ's throning though with inevitable regrettable unrepentant groaning idea if transcendental poet green writing evergreen as the Bible in prose is seen, but truth oft neverseen; contexts for reading Scriptures & interpreting relate as times & circumstances not surprising determine fate surmising on advising deliberate prayers obliterate, deliberately procrastinating may leave leniency too late ceasin'meaningful existence hereafter at Heaven's gate.
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
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