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A noun that describes terrible music, used almost entirely in the form of an insult when someone else claims they have recently obtained and/or are listening to metal.
Russ: Man, this band kicks ass. It's the best metal I've heard in a long time.
Will: That's fucking netal. You piece of shit.
by Forgnot February 02, 2008
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A virtual God, as yet unknown in physical description (although thought to resemble the bald God in the film '300'); but known to appear as an apparition of a red swirl on small, silver computer speakers (it is respectful to 'toot' at the apparition when you see it). In moments of enlightenment, Netal can be found as a contact on blackberry messenger, and have a display picture of a common household christmas tree; although as soon as ones mental state becomes purer, Netal removes himself from contacts, with no evidence of him ever being there.

The virtual God Netal has and only ever appearred to persons who are intoxicated, and are under the influence of illegal substances. It is believed, he comes, to inspire the intoxicated person/s to extreme spooning, and can hypnotise them into using the word 'salmon' constantly; and even as far as writing the word 'salmon' in chat to other blackberry messenger contacts.
"Fuck, Netal is on that small silver speaker by the computer, he looks like a red swirl, lets toot at him"
"I don't recall adding someone called Netal, oh well lets just write the word salmon to all of our contacts on blackberry messenger"
by Salmon_Girl January 01, 2010
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