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He is a charmer , funny , sweet and sensitive. He cares for you and not what he can get from you. He makes you smile when you have a frown . When you find a neshawn keep him. There will not be a another one like him.
Girl 1: I fell in love with a funny , sweet guy

Girl 2: you in love with a neshawn
by IAmKayDae December 21, 2017
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Neshawn is a crazy, smart, badass chick who is a general outgoing, weird, funny, smart ass! She also is super mean to people but she doesn’t realize. If you find a Neshawn keep her she’s an amazing friend, mother, and girlfriend. ❤️
Broooo did you hear what Neshawn said to Rachel????!!!
by TotallyRadDudeeee June 09, 2018
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