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A crap that is not attributed to the result of consuming food, but rather, is the by-product of being nervous. These usually occur right before a first date, job interview, much-anticipated oral presentation, court date, first day of school, first day of work, committing any crime, or even looking at porn. This type of poop is most easily identified by the fact that food does not trigger it. Nervous dumps are usually slimy, sloppy, and usually linked to dingleberries, because they take many wipes are difficult to fully clean.
Example 1
Gunther: I have a problem.
Dennis: You have dingleberries again?
Gunther: Yeah, I had a nervous dump right before my date with Susie Snowflake.

Example 2
Beauregard: Damn. I had a limited time to masturbate before my roommate came home, but while I looked for internet porn I had to take a nervous dump.
by Zack H. (pro TDer) January 27, 2006
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