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A term used when something in a game (generally an MMOG or FPS) is weakened considerably.

Nerfbat came about because Nerf creates harmless versions of harmful devices (swords, guns, etc).

When an MMORPG developer gives something the nerfbat, they often drastically reduce the effectiveness of said item.

see also: nerf
SOE has given the Sword of Demon Slaying the nerfbat; it can barely pommel a rabbit to death in its current state! -
by Adraedan January 29, 2004
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An upright yet bendable erection (neither rigid nor limp), similar in consistency to that of a Nerf baseball bat, which is functional yet less than ideal.
1: Damn, my daily ‘bate yesterday took twice as long as usual!

2: Why? Couldn’t catch wood?

1: Nope … I was sporting a Nerf bat.
by DangerZone11 September 13, 2009
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1. Liternally, it is a soft, foam-rubber bat, produced by Nerf(c), a subsidiary of Hasbro(C) Inc. Notoriously better at wounding the victim's pride than causing actual injury.

<N, Fig.>
2. Based on def. 1 above, "Nerf Bat" has come to refer to the implement that a game developer wields when reducing the effectiveness of a class in a computer game, usually an MMORPG. This process is also known as "Nerfing." See NERF for more info.
1. Ow! That...err...didn't hurt that much, but why did you hit me with that nerf bat?

2. This class was almost fun until they beat it to death with the nerf bat!
by The Baron October 10, 2003
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