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--noun Grammar (NURD-uh-nim)

1. Any word whose proper pronunciation is unknown because the word has only been read, primarily in books. Such words are often tragically mispronounced, and may lay dormant for years until the correct pronunciation is heard in conversation.

Frequent usage of nerdonyms indicates excessive reading, likely of science-fiction and/or fantasy books.
Common examples:

• My first recorded nerdonym is "gazebo", which I originally thought was "GAYS-bo".

• What do you mean it's pronounced "GRAIN-ing"? I thought it was "Matt GRO-en-ing"!

• Person A: "I'm having a 'DIAL-mama'."
Person B: "A what?"
A: "A 'DIAL-mama'."
B: "Do you mean 'dilemma'?"
A: I thought it was...
B:'s 'DILL-emma", dude. You just had a nerdonym.

• "He's a great OH-raider. What? I just discovered a nerdonym, didn't I?"
by SuperRobert January 17, 2010
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