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Nerds whose level of nerdism is so extreme that they have difficulty performing or are not actually able to perform routine tasks requiring normal levels of eye-hand coordination (i.e., drinking from a cup); whole-body coordination (i.e., walking); social interaction (i.e., casual conversation), etc.
Hey, dude, that guy trying to eat the egg fu yung over there is so nerdicapped that he just stuck a chopstick through his glasses!

That nerd is so nerdicapped he just fell over sideways while walking out of astrophysics class!

That guy is so nerdicapped he just stuck his latte up his friend's ass while trying to drink it!

Did you here about poor ol' Cuthbert? He's so nerdicapped he ripped his cock in half jacking-off to a rerun of Knight Rider!

That nerdicapped dude started to say something when that lady asked him where the water fountain was but then he started to make a high-pitched sound, apparently crapped his pants thoroughly and then ran away crying and hid behind a pile of math books.
by Red Shillelagh August 04, 2009
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