A fairly rare breed of human which have a high level of intelligence as-well as great physical abilities. They can fit into all social groups but prefer to stay superior to all of their peers. They are able to perform well in school (85% + avg) and in many sports and physical activities. Nerd- Jocks were commonly referred as "all-rounders" or "school boys" because of their ability to perform well in school and excel in many form of athletics
John always manages to get an A on every one of his math, science and english tests and play on the school basket-ball team and his rep soccer team. John is a nerd jock
by fallofnations September 05, 2011
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A person who is both highly intelligent and has greater physical abilities than his peers; allowing him to fit in with both social groups (nerds and jocks).
Have you noticed Chris hangs out with both nerds and jocks? He's good at sports AND video games. Guess he's a nerd jock...
by chyl May 16, 2011
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Unlike what other definitions here are saying, nerdjocks don't necessarily need to be neither smarter than their peers nor physically superior. A nerdjock is simply someone who is both a nerd and a jock - that is obsessed with both nerdy topics like school, maths, comics, etc and physical activities like gym, running, football, rugby, etc.

Also contrary to what the other answers have you believe, a lot of nerdjocks actually struggle to fit in in any social group not only because they feel out of place in both nerd and jock groups, but also because a lot of them are just plain odd.
Jock: hey, you know John? Apparently he hangs out with some nerds, eugh, let's leave him to his business with the nerds!
Nerds: hey, you know John? Apparently he is just a jock only hanging out with us to feel smarter about himself. Let's leave him to his business with the jocks!
John, the nerd jock:🤷 ♂️
by Jacques Hayeilliheaulds August 27, 2019
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A person of high intelligence or great knowledge of topics no one else cares about, usually with low social skills, but also has physical ability.

A rare breed of human. One who has both higher intelligence and higher physical abilities than his peers. Though he can fit in with either social group, he feels out of place in either for a long period of time.
Justin has played varsity sports, but also plays D&D. He's a nerd-jock; let's just leave him to his . . . whatever it is he does.

Kill the half-breed!
by Schnell December 21, 2005
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