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A website and forum dedicated to the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, two series designed by Tecmo Studio Team Ninja. It's been around for most of the century (i.e. the years after 1999) and is doing pretty well for itself. Neotaku also has a several forums for Anime, Video Games, General Banter, and naturally, Team Ninja games.

The forums are run by 3 admits, all of which are unique and do various things with the website and forums. There is Jason, a up and coming web designer who created Neotaku as a labor of love. As of late he works behind the scenes and doesn't post much on the forum due to personal matters that are his alone.

Then there is Raph, a mysterious man who posts even more rarely than Jason. But many love him and respect him, yet no one knows exactly why.

Finally, there is a young Brit named Andy, who grew up in a modest town in England and lives with his buddies while attending the fruits of higher learning. As the admin who is one of the most active users of Neotaku’s forums, he must uphold forum rules, and be a proper role model.

Neotaku also has Mods, who are as varied as their admin counterparts.

There is Phil, a great Canadian and avid Xbox user, he is a great mod and an even greater friend to have.

Then is JP, another Canadian, he enjoys short comments that make sense and telling it like it is, if he has the time.

Then there is Sean, an average American who loves good music and making a quick point regardless of what others think.

There have been others, but for the sake of space, will continue forward to the more influential users.

There have been great users who spent great amounts of time, often moving on when life beckons or when interest fades.

Users like Lisa's Lover, Tommy Vercetti, Angel of Ownage, Earlee, and countless others. They were important in the beginning, and their presence still lingers the those who can remember.

The users of today also have their greatness. Users like T-Virus, Megan, Chase, Ross, Vlance, Paul, MOC, flan, Than, Krazie!, Remix, Smeltman, DavidGX, and countless others who make the Neotaku forums a interesting and entertaining way to pass time.
I've been to Neotaku. It's... interesting.

It's funny to see the guys at Neotaku get worked up over CoolGuy.

So... what's Neotaku?
by LaserMan February 10, 2005
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Website for anime freaks. Forums are mostly inhabited by losers, except for a few, who really have no clue as to what the hell they're doing there.
So much talking, yet nothing is said. Yes, that's Neotaku alright.
by Some copyrighted guy October 02, 2004
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