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A highly intelligent race evolved from HOMO sapiens, a brutish, animalistic race known for killing each other physically, mentally, and spiritually for things that only have perceived value like clothes, money and the like while depriving themselves of things they actually need like clean air, clean land, clean water, and generally a working biosphere. In the Neo Sapien society racism doesn't exist and they have advanced technology and zero unemployment since their world is not based on mindless consumption, and manufacturing goods that were designed to be obsolete, everyone uses their creative abilities to make the system better instead of make it stagnate with mindless jobs. Productivity is higher than that of Homo sapiens since there are no costs and wages which solves Dunckers Candle problem since everybody is motivated to try their best not to make the most money. Because money does not exist, neo sapiens do not experience homelessness and poverty and the psychological issues that come along with it. Religion is non existent since any supernatural being Neo sapiens look down on homo sapiens
(neo sapien enters Homo sapien Museum)

Homo sapien1: Check out this (blood)diamond studded (insert brand here) bag

Neo Sapien:'facepalm' thankfully their extinct.
by sdfv May 27, 2014
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