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another faction of Warhammer 40,000 which can be utterly badass or utterly destroyed based upon whether you got good dice rolls with your destroyers/heavy destroyers.
1: Hey I have necrons!
2: Hey I have Dark Eldar Im so awesome because everyone who plays DE think they're gods!
1: *blam*
2:Damn it! I wish I had tanks but I dont because Dark Eldar suck!
1: *blam*
2: you suck at life nerd!
1: *blam*
3: Uhh we're gonna have to arrest you for shooting a man named 2.
1: *blam*
by Joe Dee July 19, 2006
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by Peach_emoji December 13, 2020
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An army of Warhammer 40k which use Gauss Weapons to disentigrate enemies particle-by-particle. Look like skeloton/terminator and are religous in an odd way.
I got the Necron Monolith today for $50 and it kicks ass!
by some guy July 03, 2004
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The end boss of Final Fantasy IX who comes out of nowhere and randomly decides to try to destroy the entire world.
Man, I was expecting a good end boss at the end of that game, but I got a Necron-quality boss instead.
by hay thear December 28, 2003
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Final boss in Final Fantasy IX. Pretty random but cool nonetheless. His difficult to predict fighting style makes him an adrenaline pumping final boss.
I just beat Kuja! YAY!!!! I finished the game!!!

...Woah, wtf is Necron!?
by Adelbert Steiner March 21, 2008
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A race in a computer game called Warhammer40k:Dawn of war:Dark Crusade. They don't have requisition like other classes, and they only have one building that produces units.(once all buildings that produce units are gone that person loses) So if you think of choosing them either make more than one Monolith or upgrade it enough until it can move and move it into an ally base or a spare base. Now i know your probably thinking "Wow the Necrons must really suck ill choose another race" Well thats wrong. The Necrons are probably have some of the strongest troops in Dawn of war! I once took down 3 bases with only 5 squads! they are probably the 2nd strongest race in Dawn of War!
Orc Player: Haha Necrons! I heard i only have to destroy their Monolith! This will be easy

Billy(Necron player): Ya but my troops are waay stronger than yours

*20 minutes later*

Game: The winner is Billy!

Orc Player: What!?! you must of cheated

Billy(Necron player): Nope Necrons are just naturally strong!
by Gummyburst September 20, 2008
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