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distended neck and chest area usually accompanied by reddish flushing of the upper chest, neck and face of the individual experiencing the neckrection.

Usually neckrection accompanies or occurs subsequent to sudden bursts of rage, and oral ejaculation of saliva during the neckrection and use of profanity by the individual presenting with the symptoms described herein to characterize and define the term in question.

Neckrection was first observed in an adult human male who owned a small business, endlessly micromanaged and flew into a rage at the slightest hint of challenge from a female employee. This "Boss" was not seen exhibiting the neckrection when challenged by male counterparts, but instead experienced the condition often referred to as "whipped" or "wimped out".
When Christine refused to help him put the dead dog in the dumpster, Dr. Shimmelhoffer began screaming at her, thrusting forward his neckrection in an act of control.
by Marcel Marceau April 05, 2011
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