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A Neaballitan is when a man has three (or more) women, of different hair color, skin color, or ethnicity, either lined up doggy style or on their backs waiting for their turn, or on their knees in front of him, working together to stimulate him orally.

This arrangement is named after Neapolitan ice cream, which is chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream side-by-side in the same container, typically with no packaging in between.

The classic Neaballitan has a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead, but there are many exotic variations, with most being named according to the ethnicity of the girl in the middle, which is a great honor when sharing a man with other girls:

Some popular versions are:

the "Oreo" or "Ice Cream Sandwich", with a White girl between two Black girls
the "Chicachanga", where an Hispanic girl is between two others
the "Fortune Cookie", with an Asian girl in the middle,
the "Peace Pipe Prayer", where the middle girl is Native American,
the "Hookah Handmaiden", where a Middle Eastern girl is in the middle,
the "Cum On, Curry", with an Indian girl residing in between 2 other girls,
the "Eskimo Cream Pie", where an Inuit girl is in the middle
Dick: I'm telling you man, it was like the International House Of Poontang in my place last night. At the end of the evening, I enjoyed a really nice Neaballitan...

Jack: They should give you the Nobel "Piece" Prize, for bringing together pieces of ass from all over the world, promoting international cooperation and understanding!

Dick: I definitely enjoyed being an ambassador to the United Face-shuns...

Jack: High Five, Bro!
by dnalabkram October 13, 2009
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