To take someone's words and deliberatly misinterpret them to be preachings of nazism.
The press took Arnold's words about Hitler and decided to nazify them to make him look like a nazi.
by Gumba Gumba March 15, 2004
(NATS-IF-EYE) to impose one’s will/ideas onto others for no apparent reason
the dean nazifies everyone

schools nazify conformity unto everyone
by the holy ghost July 1, 2006
(Invented by Russian political scientists -maybe even by Putin's lackeys posing as Russian intellectuals- right before the 2022 invasion of ukraine), has multiple meanings

A) who knows what this term means
B) irrelevant, meaningless nonsense to you and your existence
In terms of definition b) when I hear the words to de-nazify ukraine, it may also mean I need to ignore you and your meaningless rant. Under definition a) it makes no sense; not only is putin behaving like Hitler, Ukraine actually helped the soviet union defeat nazi Germany.
by Sexydimma March 12, 2022
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by Nmzarc October 15, 2020