To take someone's words and deliberatly misinterpret them to be preachings of nazism.
The press took Arnold's words about Hitler and decided to nazify them to make him look like a nazi.
by Gumba Gumba March 15, 2004
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(NATS-IF-EYE) to impose one’s will/ideas onto others for no apparent reason
the dean nazifies everyone

schools nazify conformity unto everyone
by the holy ghost June 30, 2006
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NAZIFI is a very intelligent ,humble person, who is ready for others happiness .is also reffered to as dream guy.

Trustworthy cutest and swag guy,nazifi is every girl dream because they are so romantic,attractive and they are selfishmess
Nazifi is special

Nazifi takes good care of his friends and loved ones

My dream is to be with nazifi

Nazifi is selffishness
by Nmzarc October 15, 2020
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