noun or can be made into a verb when spoken in the past tense (i.e. Last weekend, I turned my naughty girl swag on.)
it is a lifestyle originated from the legendary area of wildwood, a quaint neighborhood in the city of chicago.
along with chicago, miami has a significant number of naughty girls who rep this notorious naughty girl swag.
Keep in mind, naughty girl swag is not limited to Miami and Chicago. This swag is worldwide. From Barcelona to Dubai.
important note: you were either born naughty or not.
you cannot buy, learn, or cultivate this swag.

whooty girls often have naughty girl swag BUT REMEMBER these words are FAR from synonymous.

this word is not to be throw around or mistreated.
Emily knows how to work her naughty girl swag.
by naughtygirl22 December 2, 2010
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