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The very state of a native american being proud of their culture.
Native Pride is often displayed on clothing and accessories- hats, shirts, pants, sweaters, bags... you name it. Feathers, braided hair, and beads (the traditional look) is sometimes shown too. Some natives even get tattoos showing their Native Pride.

Native Pride has absolutely nothing to do with racism and is not some sort of uprising. Some people get offended because they assume different things. For example: We think we are better than you. Wrong. We are keeping our culture strong.
-He's got feathers in his hair, an eagle on his chest, is called by his native name. He has Native Pride.

-"I want a tattoo. It should say 'Native Pride'."

-The English have England, Germans have Germany, Italians have Italy, Egyptians have Egypt, Indians have India, Spanish have Spain, Russians have Russia, Chinese have China....(continues).... there is no 'Natives have America'. But we're here, and we're proud.
by *Bee* September 15, 2006
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1: to take pride in being native american.
2: it annoys whitey to hear indians say that.
Whitey: "whats your hat say?"
Me: "it says Native Pride"
Whitey: "i find that offensive"
Me: "Your Mom"
by Ahyoka October 28, 2005
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