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A phrase used to describe a lame-ass party where nothing happens. It is used by Miley Cyrus in "Party in the USA" to contrast LA parties with lame, horrible, boring, Nashville ones.
Joe: YO! You goin' to Jackie's party?
Shmoe: HELL NAW MAN! I went to her last one and it was definitely a Nashville party.

Joe: Yo! I heard Jen's parties are lame as hell.
Shmoe: HELL NAW MAN! I went to her last one and it was definitely not a Nashville party.
by MunnaCK October 25, 2009
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A party where girls guzzle so much alcohol they get sent to the emergency room, guys are champs at beer pong, and red bull trucks pull up outside of people's houses just for their house party. People have been known to drown because of the mixing of alcohol and Percy Priest lake at Nashville parties. If you can get a ride from your buddy, definitely head to one and have a sick ass time with all of the Nashville fuckers you know and love(or don't love.) Let's get shitty!
Jacob: "Damn, I can't even remember what happened last night, but I know it involved six naked girls, a pool, and a cross-blunt."
Austin: "Dude. You go to some Nashville party?"
Jacob: "HELL yeah!"
by loose lucy June 06, 2010
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