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Naseel is a girl who is cute and smart and so lovely with the people. She gets annoyed sometimes, and may fall or trip and make all her friends laugh, but everyone loves her. In a fight she can be your worst enemies but if she was wrong she would pretend not to be and then she would apologize. She is so kind to her brother and would never dare to make him sad. She hates boys and hates talking about them. And Naseels are always slow readers but would read a ton of books. Her laugh would be so calm and nice and she would always act like an elegant lady except infront of her friends. Pay attention Guys, Naseels when they get mad they won't smile and they will act like they don't care about you when you fight with her.
"Wow, you're acting like a Naseel, I like it."
"Really! Thanks"
"I'll call you Naseel"
by The Queen of Light February 03, 2017
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