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The material that is used when the narrator won't allow you to go somewhere because it's protected by plot.

Narrator: The entrance is barred by wooden planks, the only other way is to go through this really creepy labyrinth that is filled with monsters and will advance the plot.

Character 1: Couldn't I just burn the wooden planks?

Narrator: No!

Character 2: Couldn't I just fire my laser sword and disintegrate the planks or something?

Narrator: No!

Character 1: Couldn't I just melt it with my acid crystals or run it over with my working tank or maybe just chop it in half with one of my 7 axes?

Narrator: No!

Character 1: Why not?

Narrator: Because it's protected by a layer of plot/narratorium.
You can't go there! It's sealed with narratorium
by DarkErminia January 24, 2018
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