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Ok so first of all naqiyah (Issaquah) is a legend. Soo cool to be around and she loves pickles. A naqiyah is never sleep deprived but has a weird sleep schedule. Lol everyone does. Naqua is Gandalf because she's wise and smart and all the people love her. She has a boyfriend, Bob kinky boi and her BFF bob the builder (two different people) she has the best personality ever. She is depressed most of the time because her pickles are always warm or because of the fact that her bunny Fred got stolen from some neighbor.
Girl: yo that's naqiyah, she is so awesome and pretty
The world: AGREED
by A d e n June 10, 2018
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Naqiyah is the girl you see in a hijab one day and in booty shorts and tight crop top the next. She loves all her friends dearly even if she doesn't show it. She doesn't know how to deal with conflicts but she tries her hardest not to make it worse. All in all, naqiyahs are pretty perfect and super nice and just the most lovable creatures ever... no matter how uncommitted they are to relationships.
c: yo i got a new gf

M: whats her name

C: naqiyah

m: yikes dude gl with that, she's prolly super hot tho
by kween101 October 22, 2018
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