It's a shortened form of "sanaol" which is a slang term for a shortened phrase in filipino: "sana all"
"sana" can mean "hope" or "hoping" or "wishing" in filipino

"sana all" literally means "hope all" and is used to express envy or jealousy about someone else's good fortune
Bob: My art was featured in this big youtuber's channel!
Dave: naol featured
by Dudamesh January 26, 2022
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it is a filipino slang term which is short for “sana ol” or “sana all” which literally translates to wish/hope all.
by renlepgs February 5, 2020
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He sure can twerk. Naol is a good delala.
I want a BMW. No problem, Naol will find you one.
by Nfdsjmljsarjm March 3, 2018
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This the you should not let your girl near too he’s a pussy magnet the bitches love his jokes,he’s a really funny guy once you get to know him and is a overall chill and cool guy to hangout with
Damn Naol stole my girl again
by Gabe 1017 November 22, 2021
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