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you are a nannousa if:

-you have humanistic beliefs: according to Pica della Mirandola in Oration on the Dignity of Woman, a nannousa is in the middle position and she can choose to ascend to the level of angels (a nannousa never descends to the level of beasts).

-you know your nannounistic grammar:
noun: nannounism
verb(irregular): tnanes
adjective: nannounistic
-you don't neglect your looks but at the same time nourish your brain through reading and studying.

-you work hard on expanding the group by inviting nannounistic-like girls with promising potential.

-you preserve the unity of the group by vaporising every rebellious nannousa that wishes to usurp the head nannousa's place:)

nannounism is a lifestyle,a defamiliarising experience,a moment of self-recognition and a path towards self-fulfillment
Sarra is a nannousa :D
by nannousa April 02, 2010
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