Nancy Spungen was originally born in Philadelphia to a middle class jewish family from the suburbs. She was extremely violent and abrasive throughout her childhood, and it got worse as she grew older (even leading to self-abortions and drug abuse). When she was 17 she moved to New York, becoming a groupie, stripper, and a prostitute. Nancy later moved to London, where she was introduced to Sid Vicious through Johnny Rotten (which Johnny later regretted). They moved in together, and Nancy introduced Sid to heroin, a drug he hadn't tried, and is often blamed for his downfall.
In October 1978, she was found dead with a single knife wound in her body. Sid Vicious was arrested for murder and taken to jail, then released on bail in early 1979. He died of a heroin overdose soon after, which might have been a suicide. He requested that he be buried next to Nancy, but her family would not allow it. Sid's mother secretly scattered his ashes on Nancy's grave soon later.
"It was both a tragedy... and a relief." - Deborah Spungen on her daughter, Nancy Spungen's death.
by *Bee* October 1, 2006
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Nancy Spungen was a go getter just as any popular star has been known to do. She was beautiful, intellegent and she didn't turn Sid out to "hard core dope" as Sid was already an Speed Freak. she may have introduced him to heroin but she also pushed him to be better than he was. Which was a no talented bass guitarist who regularly made a fool of himself long before Nancy came into his life. Atleast she tried to find him gigsafter THe Sex Pistols broke up because Lord knows that lazy ass Sid didn't try. I love ya Nancy! May you and Sid rest in peace for eternity.
Behind every sorry man there is a good but misunderstood woman!
by 80's Peroxide Junkie January 16, 2005
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Totally useless sack of crap, a manipulative schemer that would do anything to have her way and didn't give a shit about anybody but herself. One person that knew her called Nancy "the most unlikeable person I've ever met", which sums her up nicely.
by The Dodger November 9, 2004
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Nancy Spungen (1958-1978) was from Philadelphia. She was born cyanotic and, based on descriptions of her behavior and diagnoses provided in Deborah Spungen's book, probably psychotic.

Nancy spent 1977-78 in England and it was there she met Sid Vicious, a member of the then-infamous Sex Pistols. Vicious killed her on 10/12/78 and he later committed suicide in early 1979.
Nancy Spungen was a person who had a family who loved her and who does not deserve to be further vilified in death than she already has been. Nancy Spungen was a person, not a definition and certainly not someone to be reviled.
by Lil Ringo September 5, 2009
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