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(verb) to namecheck, i.e., to cite, to namedrop
"The Vivian Girls were namechecked by San Francisco guitarist Snakefinger (Philip Lithman Roth), an associate of the Residents, in his song 'The Vivian Girls'."
by B7flat5flat9 March 14, 2010
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When someone names a band or celebrity or some sort of pop culture figure.

Usually used to describe when some poser is listing bands to try to look cool or when some pretentious guy does the same to show how elite he is.
Poser: Oh yeah I totally listen to At The Drive-In and broken social scene 'you forget it in people' is such a great album man um yeah and the velvet underground totally had some sweet songs even though they were so wierd.

Other Person: Hey! You're just name checking!
by d0n7 p4n1k March 06, 2006
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