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The inevitable replacement of one's former surname with the last word of the band in which a musician currently play in. Often enough, though, one may keep a maiden nameband from a previous band or project. Namebanding also exists with groupies and apprehensive friends of the band that "really wish they could play with them" who are also accepted into or by the band, but who's surnames are replaced with the last word of the food establishment, coffe house, bar autorepair shop or gardening center to which they are currently employed.
Ben Lingo:Yeah, we were all name banding back then... I was namebanded back in 1996, playing shows with Fred and Grahm Lingo in a little math rock trio that hot college sluts knew as: "Mute Lingo."


Evan Gardens: Hey what's up Ty Theft? Now that I've been involved in some namebanding, I can't wait to get out and see your show tonight. I'm going to be one of the first ones there after I finish up here at my hydroponic growing systems supply store called "Progressive Gardens."
by starndardApartmentComplex March 08, 2009
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