Whoever knows a Najnin is truly blessed. She is very beautiful and bubbly girl who has the most brightest smile. She is the light to your day and her laugh is very contagious. She is a gentle soul and is very considerate about others but when it comes to the people who have hurt her loved ones, she gets really over protective. She is a mother, sister and bestfriend, a 3-in-1 type of girl. She is the best company to have and never makes you feel out of place. A Najnin is very easy to talk to about anything. She loves to make others happy. A Najnin doesnt know how important she is to others. She doesnt how beautiful she is. She doesnt know how kind she is. She doesnt know that she is special. She doesnt know that she is a one of a kind who must be cherished.
P1: that girl is so pretty
P2: yh her name's Najnin

P1: must be why she's so beautiful

P2:yh her name says it all, doesn't it.
by Fahima_xxx November 18, 2018
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