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Somone who is a nag, bitches all the time, pesters you about stupid crap.
nag, nagamuffins, my little nagamuffin, nagamufin
pronounced: NAG-A-MUFF-IN
When are you going to get a job?
Why can't you just pick that up?
Are you going to finish that ... insert something here ...
by apteric July 10, 2008
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A descriptor applicable exclusively to poorly clothed, unwashed women who incessantly and unnecessarily complain about everything, despite there being nothing at all to worry about.
"I asked Ashleigh to wash her hair last night and fuckin' boy oh boy, was that ever a shitshow. 3 solid hours of bitching."

"She still insistent on this crust punk phase?"

"Yeah and she's become a real fuckin' nagamuffin about it."
by Steven Buttface August 07, 2018
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