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The act of getting or receiving a brutal memeing. A term used when roasting a boi, preferable usage would include when you prank this boi so bad he wants to kys himself. Famous celebrity and fashion icon Danny Devito first coined this phrase in the summer of 09.
"After that boi dissed me I nae nae'd him into next week"
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by Meme Scholar November 21, 2016
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When someone gets completely destroyed, clapped, or "NaeNaed". It can be used in many ways such as "Yo lets go naenae on that nigga." and when he gets clapped you could say he got naenaed.
That dickhead just got naenaed.
by Soulja boy Garrett November 05, 2018
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"you just nae nae'd yourself"
"get nae nae'd"
by D3ATHL1NG May 21, 2018
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What you are after getting le epic pranked XD!!
Mark: *gets stabbed*
Stabber: Get nae naed h8r.
Mark: LOL *whips then dies*
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by RylieIsDumbLol June 12, 2018
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