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a single, unemployed mother who lives in a 3 bedroom house with her parents.
she currently has 14 kids all under the age of 7. 8 of them are octuplets and she can not afford them because she was more concerned about being a woman with octuplets and getting the fame, than with being physically capable of supporting them
Wow look at Nadya Suleman taking all of our tax dollars to pay for her 14 kids!
by joakes March 03, 2009
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Also known as Octo-mom, Octomom, and Octo mom, Nadya Suleman gave birth to 8 kids due to getting in-vitro fertilization of 6 embryos; two of which broke into two embryos each; a total of 8 embryos; despite already having 6 children. That makes her having a total of 14 children. Due to the unusual amount, "Octomom" has been subject to much unneeded (though perhaps not unwanted) attention such as: Vivid Entertainment's proposal for a porn movie starring Suleman (declined); Gloria Allred's public criticisms of Suleman on Dr. Phil; a Reality TV show in the UK; and a child labor lawsuit to ensure that the octuplets are being fairly compensated.

Suleman had a relationship with a man who will remain surnameless, but his first name is Marcos. They seperated in 2000 because they were unable to conceive kids.
Nadya Suleman is, in the harshest of my opinions, a total IDIOT.
by Epith June 16, 2009
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