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1. A grenade launcher or rifle grenade, in which makes people more pissy with extra explosives.
2. A general insult, used to make one feel special and good about themselves over a video game, specifically and more commonly in Call of Duty games.
3. Another way to accuse someone of being a fag or not being good at video games compared to the accuser.
4. A term that when used may cause the accused to become defensive, therefore declaring an intense 1 versus 1 private match battle to prove that they are better.
1"hey guys, I'm getting easy kills with the n00btube.

2. Matured Teenager "Hey kid, you are such a homo"

Annoying child " Fuck off dude, I'm b345T with the sniper, and you are just n00btubing"

Annoying child "*loudsmacking around in the backround* OH BABY, I AM TOO GOOD AT CALL OF DUTY"
3. "Hey, I saw you n00btubing with another guy behind the dumbster you n00b
4. MLG gangsta "I bet you n00btube all damn day!"

Clan member "You wanna bet bitch? Back out and I'll beat you 1v1.
by luap eoj April 26, 2010
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A weapon in any game that allows for online play. This weapon will allow easy kills for new players or n00bs. The most common n00b tube is the grenade launcher. The grenades launch out of a tube therefore the phrase n00b tube is appropriate.
nerd 1: OMFG WTF he killed me!!
nerd 2: yh i saw him he was using a n00b tube
nerd 3:i hate n00bs :(
by Kerky July 10, 2008
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Any weapon used by a n00b primarily in FPS games that allows easy kills by players with absolutely no skill
Damn, how'd that newbie own us? The busta used a n00b tube the whole time!
by The_Dark_Side May 07, 2005
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Someone who repetitively uploads stupid videos to the Internet. Specifically YouTube.
"Dude, check out my new video on YouTube!"
"That video is so stupid, you're such a n00btube."
by Kal-EL777 May 11, 2008
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A bazooka or panzershreck in MOH Allied Assault, Spearhaed, or Breakthrough.
That guy sucks. The only reason he's doing so well is because he's using the n00b tube.
by Disco Stu October 20, 2003
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The auto-shotgun in cs:source - so called cause its use by frekin n00bs who cant aim 4 sh1t
sum1 kick that fuxx0r 1ameass n00b tube whore...
by .=[N|2|K]=. June 05, 2005
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A glass tube in Super Metroid. This tube must be blown up to allow access to Draygon, the boss of Maridia. This is the first time Power Bombs are required to advance. Questions asked about this on the GameFAQs Super Metroid board will be stabbed with a spork.
OMG how do I get to Maridia boss!?!?!?! HElP ME!!!1!1!1!1!!
by ShadowZero313 March 08, 2004
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