1: im reading a fanfiction
2: cool what is it
1: y/n x shrek
2: were done charles
1: but anne..
2: charles stfu

1: =,<
by frog the ultimate idiot February 11, 2021
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N x Uzi (commonly known as Nuzi) is a disgusting ship from the show Murder Drones, the show itself is good however N x Uzi shippers are not. the ship itself is disgusting and makes no sense whatsoever, the ship shouldn’t exist.
“N x Uzi is a disgusting ship.”
by totallynotashh May 30, 2023
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the most disgusting ship i’ve ever seen in my life. most likely a proship too.
“N x Uzi (commonly known as Nuzi) is a disgusting ship and shouldn’t exist.”
by totallynotashh May 30, 2023
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hi.. it's me.. y/n.. i'm not your typical white girl.. i'm.. sorb3t.. Strawberry, BLUBERRY! mina no aido wa?? BERRY-CHWAN!! :3

"Hey I can be the bweuberrie to ur sterawberie" I look behind and I saw.. dabi-kun.. "NEE?? nande?? dabi-san?" he looks into my eyes and smiles "hai, daijobudeska?" I blush, my whole face turns red. "You really look like a strawberry now ;)" I blush again I look away "your as hot as a strawberry with tomato sauce on it gurl" dabi kun smiles away at compliment "hey todorochi-kun" HUH?? Is that.. the cute todorki sama?? todorochi approaches me "hai ;-;" "i heard your in debt". I begin to cry as I know what hes doing. "let me pay your debt pls O-o". I start to cry even more because I have been rasing my 10 kids by myself. As i cry i fall into todorochis arms. dabi gets jelous " GET OFF MY GIRL B***** YOUR JS A STUDID little emo gurl" dabi punchese toddorochi away as he begins to growl and his eyes turn red "im going to use my power on you" DABI NUU!! BDABI SAMA!! ur gonna get hurt! "I am going to do this for you, baby." he winks and punches todoroki with his flame quirk "ah" todorki cried "NOOOO todosama" grr... "THIS IS WHY DAD DISOWNED YOU" omg! todosama dont say that! "grrr....." his eyes turned red and growled like alpha.. "THERES A REASON WHY YOUR MOM IS IN A MENTAL ASYLUM" OMG!! "NO WAY YOU JUST SAID THAT! TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW" todoroki said.

Todoroki and dabi leaned in for a kiss

OMG!! no spoiler sorry cliffhanger
open ending

Person 1: "hey have you seen that AMAZING Y/N x Dabi fanfic?"
Person 2: "Yeah it's AMAZING!"
by kerokuro June 1, 2023
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Another way of saying "Exactly" because it usually sounds like "Eggzactly" or "Eggzact" or in this case "Eggs n' X-ACTO Knives".
My god, the snozberries do taste like snozberries... Eggs n' X-ACTO Knives!
by REALDEALShaquilleONeal August 23, 2022
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(It's a reference from Monsta X's song, Beastmode lol)
P2: M
P2: O
P2: N S T A, X
P1: Beastmode.
P1: M O N S T A X
P2: Wtf are you singing?
P1: Beastmode.
by Hyungwon's_Coffee August 30, 2022
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Some good meth for yo head doode.
Person 1: "Yo, do you know that 2*2 =4 and 2+2= 4."
Person 2: "(x+y)^{n}=\sum _{k=0}^{n}{n \choose k}x^{n-k}y^{k}=\sum _{k=0}^{n}{n \choose k}x^{k}y^{n-k}."
by Lurlei139See December 4, 2018
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