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Somebody who checks their myspace every second wishing and wanting to get a message from someone they would actually never talk to in real-life but still thinks theirs a chance for that someone to talk to them.
Im such a myspace-a-holic i have to check it every to seconds or i might miss out on somebody messenging me.
by Kaytay October 24, 2005
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someone who spends way too much time on myspace and starts spening less time with real people, someone who spends up to 3 hours a day on myspace also known as myspace whore
Normalperson: wanna come hang out tonight?????

myspace-aholic:naw, i gotta take new myspace pics AND get a new song, i've had the same one for 2 dayssss!!!!!
by broadwaybaby2012 April 22, 2007
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Someone who will spend hours and hours working on their myspace, checking messages every second,commenting people so they can get more, and even working on those really gay "suspenseful" scary bullitens. theyre addicted...and pathetic.
1:omg i just made all of my myspace marquee in under 2 hours!!
2:fuckin myspace-a-holic
by scenekidsSUCK March 14, 2006
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