When the guy you're "sort-of" dating starts hitting on girls via myspace, even when they're out of state.
Man that guy is such a tool. He's myspace talking with that hoe from Minnesota even though he's got a girl in Houston.
by WWLD April 18, 2007
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When you write as if your a spastic.
eg of myspace talk
0mG gUyZ!%@$^ ToTzz cMn+ m@ n3w PiiCTuR3z!!!!!!!!!! y3WwwwwW illie mYsPacE!!!!!!!!!
by kasfrana January 8, 2009
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when you use abbreviated words when you talk to all your friends on myspace.

lol- laugh out loud
jk- just kidding
lmao- laugh my ass off
rofl- roll on the floor laughing
by kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk September 30, 2008
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