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a person who has an un-holy vendetta against the networking website myspace. this demographic consists of everyone in the entire world apparently, although they all have all out profiles with 1000's of friends.
myspace hater: "man, myspace is soo gay. everyone that has one is gay."
*runs off to the library to check his profile and crys because he has no new friend requests.*
by zeben September 30, 2006
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a person or person's that takes it upon them selves to personly drop hate on myspace along with myspace users.
my boss is a myspace hater.
by rsxboysarehot September 09, 2006
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Ok, i don't understand why there are so many myspace haters around posting vile hate-filled rants about what "everyone" who has a myspace is supposedly like. Myspace is entertaining, fun, something to get rid of boredom and a generally good website. If a person is sat at home on myspace for hours, then they can't be out mugging old ladies and commiting crimes can they? Yes there are perverts on myspace, but there are perverts everywhere. Thats just life. Most people on myspace are just normal, nice people who want to talk to others like themselves. And so what if people take pictures of themselves and ask for comments? Its not a crime. Who DOESN'T want to be told they are pretty, or handsome? Who doesn't want to be liked? Who doesn't like being complimented? To say myspace is "the end of the world as we know it" is completely ridiculous. Its just a website!

Clearly the people writing nasty reviews of myspace are the ones who have no life, and are disgusting human beings who think it's funny to declare that they hope people "die" or that young girls get "raped by perverts", simply because they have a myspace! It's obvious the people who write these cruel comments are infact so ugly, they do not dare get their own myspace because they know that not even the dodgyest "camera angle" wont make them look any less hideous. And so, knowing they will never get any nice comments due to thier ugliness and awful personality, they write nasty comments about myspace users instead.

If you have so much hate and anger in you, why not vent it by writing about how much you hate the criminals and murderers in this world, instead of judging people that have done nothing but get an account on an extremely popular and fun website?
Myspace haters "I secretly want a myspace, but i know that i am so hideous i could never expose my face to the world cos i know everyone will say i'm ugly. Boo hoo, poor me, i think i'm going to go and write a nasty review of myspace to vent my anger."
by pinkpixie August 03, 2007
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