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The better spelling of Marissa. The best and most wonderful girl in the world because she is kind and caring.
by QuackFish November 07, 2013
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Myrissa is a girl that is loyal and loves all her friends.She is pretty, she don't like fake people, she doesn't like people talking mess about her, or talking about her friends.She will make you laugh, sometimes she will make you cry, and she will make you happy.Her friends love her to death.She likes honesty, so don't ever lie to her.If you get a Myrissa make sure you keep her cause if you don't you made a terrible decision not to keep her.
OMG have you seen that girl Myrissa!!!
Girl: Eww there goes Myrissa
Myrissa: Hoe, what you just say?
by letx.myrissa May 18, 2018
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myrissa is a girl in 10th grade she is my best friend we meet at a mission trip she is now my number one best friend on snapchat she means the world to me she is kind and caring she is very beautiful and she gets a lot of guys
myrissa is so beautiful
by Southbound May 26, 2018
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