A kind,genourous and beautifull girl who is always happy and smiling also is loved by everyone nice to everyone does not like to show her bad side but oh only if you saw her arguments with her mother! So don't try it....
Can tend to be shy but comes out when she feels like it. A rare name since it is normally spelt with one 'e'
"Is that myleene?"
"Well obvs she is smiling"
"Good point, let's go talk to her"
by Dontneedtokniw December 19, 2017
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She’s fearless and can be aggressive but she’s one of the most trust worthy people you will ever meet
Kid:what are those twinkle toes

Myleen:Shoes you must be dumb
by An I oop ah ratatatatataaaa February 29, 2020
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She’s a funny and bubbly girl that gets along with a lot of people and will make you laugh no matter how sad you are. They are loyal to people they trust , but it takes them a while to trust somebody. They are also very unique and rare and there are not many people with this name and they are so sweet,caring and outgoing but don’t mess with them because if you piss them off you are about to get beaten up. They are boy magnets every single boy wants them but they will stay loyal to their boyfriend always. Can be trouble makers if they want to .
Oh that’s myleene over there I wish she was my girlfriend she is so loyal .
by DanceHD NM December 1, 2018
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Sweetest girl in the world. She has a really cute smiled which makes her really the cutest. She can be the best sister or friend you could wish for!
She is natural and usually doesn't wear makeup.

All the boys like her but she's hard to get.
"Who's that gorgeous girl over there?"

"oh her? that's that cute myleen!"
by Bigbrothaaa January 6, 2019
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A myleene rash is an annoying itchy scabby disorder spreads itself onto anything it can attach itself to, abit like myleene klass has on the air waves of uk tv
What is on ITV.. oh its Myleene Klass, what is on CH4.. oh its Myleene Klass.. what is that spot on my backside... oh its myleene rash
by pantene pro v February 2, 2009
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