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A person who doesn't really like to socialize and plays fornite for 72 hours a week.
- Yo wheres mykhaylo?
- I don't know probably beating off to fortnite characters again.
by Pussyeater92 September 19, 2018
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The same name as mykylo, or makylo or as any other, except this type of Mykhaylo is one of the great fags which means that he is a one man group and thinks he is mr. Know-it-all when it comes to handling a drug deal
Faggots: ight fam we gots the weed

Mykhaylo: I'm here alone and got the bricks

Faggots: we didn't ask for more weed ya cunt, we need bread...

Mykhaylo: that what I...

Faggots: let beat 'im
by Viciously delicious February 10, 2018
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